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Accessibility, Disability, and Software Engineering Consultant

With a bachelor's degree in software engineering and nearly a decade of professional experience, I've dedicated my career to solving valuable problems across multiple domains for companies of many sizes.

From modernizing legacy systems, to implementing refreshed designs, to establishing robust foundations in greenfield projects, I'm known for my persistence in tackling complex problems and commitment to delivering excellent results.

These qualities have also enabled me to be a vocal activist for accessibility and inclusivity in the tech industry through my writing, speaking engagements, and co-founding two Employee Resource Groups dedicated to disability and neurodiversity inclusion.

Together, we can go beyond web accessibility.

Digital product accessibility is just the beginning. Accessible products broaden market reach, elevate brand presence, improve customer satisfaction and engagement. Happy customers are loyal customers who give you a competitive edge.

Workplace accessibility and inclusive product development practices are next level ways to drive revenue growth and profitability: streamline workflows, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, boost morale and productivity, improve employee retention, develop adaptability to change, and more.

Accessibility is easiest to achieve with iteration.

Improving and maintaining product and workplace accessibility is a marathon, not a sprint. Iteration takes time, patience, and a culture that fosters continuous learning, transparency, and accountability.

Accessibility skills are just like any others. They can be developed independently or in a group, learned more effectively with honest reflection, sustained over time with consistent practice, and help everyone stand out from the crowd.

How can we team up to elevate your business?

  • Front-end Engineering

    Specializing in React, TypeScript, & Next.js, I excel at quickly integrating into codebases to deliver impactful results from day one. I have a knack for writing readable and maintainable code and a drive for continuous improvement. I always strive to leave projects in a better state than I found them.

  • Design System Engineering

    Accessible design systems ease the process of building inclusive digital products. I specialize in making them accessible to both your users and your development teams, which prevents common pitfalls that lead to accessibility issues without compromising delivery speed or quality.

  • Accessibility Reviews & Remediation

    Everyone is on a unique accessibility journey and I'll meet you where you are. I provide thorough assessments and help you plan your next steps. With me, you'll get more than a pass/fail grade. You'll better understand the "why" behind best practices and feel confident in your ability to maintain accessibility long term.

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